What Women Want

  Okay, Guys, this is for you. So many men ask me what women want. Here is my answer. Women Want… Love Women want to be told they are loved and they want to be shown they are loved by being treated affectionately.   Respect Women want to be treated with respect. They want to […] Read more »

Happy in Love Valentine’s Special

Hey, it’s Dr. Kelley Chappell here. Thank you for playing the Happy in Love Game! Congratulations to all the winners!! If you didn’t win, you still have a chance to get a copy at the Valentine’s Day price.  If you want to CREATE more love in your life this is for you! My Story I have […] Read more »

Do you know the 9 Areas of Focus for Relationship Healing?

Click on this link to check out this Video by Dr. Erica Goodstone, a spiritual Relationship Healing expert to get the answer now.     http://www.completerelationshipsystem.com/htl2?ap_id=happyinlove  Dr Erica is the creator of the “Complete Relationship System” that focuses on “Healing through Love”. It begins with an interview from David Riklan, founder of Selfgrowth.com that introduces the system. […] Read more »

What movie did this scene come from?

What movie did this scene come from?  Be the first person to email [email protected]  with the answer and you will win a FREE copy of Happy In Love: A Woman’s Step by Step Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships!   Love yourself, love your life and be Happy in Love Kelley Chappell, PhD HappyInLove.com […] Read more »

Win FREE Happy in Love

Who wrote the Book of Love? (The Book of “Happy in Love” that is?) Today is February 3, 2012. Be the first person to email [email protected] with the correct answer today and you will receive the gift of a FREE copy of my eBook, Happy In Love: A Woman’s Step by Step Guide to Love, […] Read more »

Letter from Dr. Kelley Chappell

Congratulations for taking this first step towards transforming your love life. Because you are here, I know you are a woman who looks forward to easily attracting the man of your dreams and effortlessly maintaining a positive, loving relationship. If you are like me, you want love, connection, respect and affection. I know that you are a […] Read more »