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Hey there, it’s Dr Kelley Chappell here.

Have you ever longed for love and connection?

Do you want to be appreciated, respected and understood?

Do you want to be in a positive relationship with a man who is in resonance with you?  

If you have ever felt any of these things, I know just how you feel.

 My Story

I have a PhD in Psychology. I’m an award winning college professor, author, speaker, and dating and relationship coach for women.  

But there was a time in my life when I didn’t really believe I deserved love. I didn’t really believe I was worthy of love. Because I didn’t believe I deserved love, I attracted a man who didn’t treat me with love and respect.

Like many intelligent, professional women, I had a high level of self-esteem. I was confident in myself and my work. But I didn’t have what I call “Relationship Self-esteem”. I didn’t really believe I deserved love.

I spent 15 years in an unhappy marriage, just trying to make it all work. I felt unloved, neglected and rejected. I was filled with anxiety and my physical health fell apart. I can actually remember day dreaming about being in a happy, compatible relationship when commercials for eHarmony would come on the television.

 I spent 15 years afraid he was going to leave me.  One day, he did l leave. I just felt a huge sense of relief. If this had happened just a few months before, my reaction would have been different. But, about six months before this happened, I had discovered the book, The Secret and I knew that with my own thoughts, feelings and actions, I could create any life I wanted.

I got excited about all the possibilities of my new life. I got a new job and trippled my income. I lost the extra weight I had gained living in such a high stress situation and I moved to the Out Islands of the Bahamas to a tiny cottage right on the beach, where I lived and worked remotely for a year and a half. I got a second chance at life and at love. My worst fear, turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me

Since that time, I have studied everything that I could get my hands on about Women and Relationships, the Law of Attraction and the Science of Happiness. 

 Being single a second time has been a tremendous gift. I have learned to love myself.  I have learned to attract and date men who treat me with the love and respect I deserve.  Most importantly,  I  learned to let go of a relationship with a man when I knew deep in my heart that I deserved something better.

How did I do it? I learned how to raise my Relationship Self-esteem. I went from being the “self-sacrificing Queen of the Universe” to being the “Self-esteem Queen.”    

You deserve to be treated with love and respect too. If I can do it, you can too.  And I am here to help you!

How I can help you be Happy in Love?

If you are like me, what you really want in a relationship is connection. You want to be understood, loved and appreciated. You want to be Happy.

I want to inspire and empower you to love yourself, love your life and create the  positive, loving relationship you deserve.  

 Happy In Love eBook

The Happy In Love eBook is a Woman’s Step by Step Guide to Love, Attraction, Dating and Relationships.

In my eBook I show you how to really love yourself, raise your relationship self-esteem and become magnetically attractive. Then, I show you how to use intentional dating and attract a man who is truly right for you. If you are already in a relationship, I show you how you can transform your current relationship overnight. 

I help you make a lasting change about how you feel about yourself that will help you to effortlessly maintain the positive, loving relationship you deserve.  

In my eBook you will learn how to:

  • Love Yourself
  • Believe that You are Worthy of Love
  • Become Magnetically Attractive
  • Be Yourself and Easily Attract the man of your Dreams
  • Use the Law of Attraction to Attract a man who is Truly Right for You
  • Choose a Man who truly is the Perfect Man for You
  • Treat Yourself with Love and Respect so that Men will Treat You with the Love and Respect You Deserve
  • Form a Lasting Connection with a Man
  • Improve the Quality of your Current Relationship
  • Transform your Current Relationship  
  • Use the Law of Attraction to Transform a Relationship
  • Effortlessly Maintain a Positive, Loving Relationship
  • Let go of a Relationship when you Know Deep in your Heart you Deserve so much more
  • Be truly Happy in Love
  • Make a Lasting Change in how you feel about yourself that will help you to be Happy in Love for Life

And so much more……….

Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

Read what other Women have had to say….

Happy in Love is a Remarkable Guide

“The difference between Dr Kelley Chappell’s approach and many other experts on the topic is that Kelley focuses on who we are and what we want, rather than persuading us to portray or mold ourselves into what we imagine a man is looking for. We are encouraged to be authentic and to treat ourselves with respect and love as we search for the characteristics in a man who is just right for us”.

Janice Karm, CTC, Transformational Coach

I Love it!!

“I love it!! Dr Kelley Chappell really sets herself apart from the other relationship experts. From the moment I clicked on her website, I felt at home and that I wasn’t alone in how I have been feeling. Not only will your man say, “Kelley Chappell, where have you been all my life!?” Thousands of single women will too!” 

Audra Erwin, Life Coach

 Happy in love…with this book!  

Happy in Love is one of the most important messages of our time! It’s a message and book I’ll suggest to all my coaching clients and one that I will use in every positive psychology class I teach. I’ve been honored to be a student of Dr. Kelley Chappell’s.  We all benefit from this brilliant woman bringing a vital lesson to us all.  Happily giving this book a 10 star rating!  
Karen Henry, Positive Psychology Life Coach
Learn how to be Happy in Love, with Dr. Kelley Chappell
Dr. Kelley Chappell, an expert in Positive Psychology and the study of human relationships, has drawn on her many years of expertise and experience to bring together what amounts to “a secret formula” for finding happiness in relationships with men, by teaching women to find happiness in their relationships with themselves. Combining the magic of “The Secret” of the Law of Attraction with thoughtful analysis of years of research in the field of psychology, Dr. Chappell offers practical advice for changing the way you view yourself, which ultimately changes the way others view you. These positive changes will help you bring the things you long for into your life, so that you, too, can be Happy in Love!
Elizabeth Harper, PhD 
Happy in Love…. Happy Reading!
Happy in Love by Dr. Kelley Chappell is a guide for women who are ready to finally find joy and satisfaction in their relationships with men. This book, written by a researcher who has studied and written about relationships and attraction for years, is filled with strategies that you can implement NOW to make a difference in your relationship with yourself and others. The book helps you to learn how to really love yourself and treat yourself with respect so that the men in your life will love you and treat you with the love and respect you deserve. It also helps you to be true to yourself and find a partner who would truly be right for you. 
Kathleen DeSousa, PhD
 This eBook is Priceless
You are going to get a 125 page eBook that is jam packed with information on how to be Happy in Love that you can keep and refer to for life.

I hope this eBook will change your life and you will find that the value of the eBook is priceless I can definitely tell you it is a bargain at any price. I charge $250 an hour for one individual session of Relationship Coaching. What would it be worth to change your love life forever?

The eBook is being offered at ONLY  $9.97That is right, for the price of a glass of wine or a fancy cup of coffee, you could change your Love Life Forever! 


Money back Guarantee! 

I am so sure that you are going to be Happy with this eBook that I am going to offer you a 30 day Money Back Guarantee! Buy the eBook, read it and try it out for 30 days. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply ask for a full refund. 

Believe in yourself and take the Next Step to being Happy in Love

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Kelley Chappell, PhD