Happy in Love Valentine’s Special

Hey, it’s Dr. Kelley Chappell here. Thank you for playing the Happy in Love Game! Congratulations to all the winners!! If you didn’t win, you still have a chance to get a copy at the Valentine’s Day price.  If you want to CREATE more love in your life this is for you!

My Story

I have a PhD in Psychology. I’m an award winning college professor, author, speaker, and dating and relationship coach for women.  But there was a time in my life when I didn’t really believe I deserved love. I didn’t really believe I was worthy of love. Because I didn’t really believe I was worthy of love, I attracted people who didn’t treat me with love.  

I spent 15 years in an unhappy marriage, just trying to make it all work. My mental and physical health sufffered.  I can actually remember day dreaming about being in a happy, compatible relationship when commercials for eHarmony would come on the television. Fortunately, I was given a second chance at life and at love and I learned to attract and date men who treat me with the love and respect that I deserve.  I learned to let go of a relationship when I knew I deserved so much more and I learned how to truly be Happy in Love. If I can do it, you can too.  And I am here to help you!

 If you are like me, what you really want in a relationship is happiness, love and connection. You want to be treated with the love, affection and respect you deserve!

In my eBook, Happy In Love, I show you how to easily attract the man of your dreams and effortlessly maintain the relationship that you deserve. Or if you are in a relationship, you can apply the principles to improve the quality of your relationship and experience the love and closeness you desire.

 In my eBook you will learn how to:

  • Love Yourself
  • Believe that You are Worthy of Love
  • Become Magnetically Attractive
  • Be Yourself and Easily Attract the man of your Dreams
  • Use the Law of Attraction to Attract a man who is Truly Right for You
  • Choose a Man who truly is the Perfect Man for You
  • Treat Yourself with Love and Respect so that Men will Treat You with the Love and Respect You Deserve
  • Form a Lasting Connection with a Man
  • Transform your Current Relationship  
  • Use the Law of Attraction to Transform a Relationship
  • Effortlessly Maintain a Positive, Loving Relationship
  • Let go of a Relationship when you Know Deep in your Heart you Deserve so much more
  • Be truly Happy in Love
  • Make a Lasting Change in how you feel about yourself that will help you to be Happy in Love for Life

And so much more……….

The eBook is being offered at a Special  Price in honor of Valentine’s Day! The regular price is $29.97. Right now you can get the eBook for just $19.97. That is 30% off the regular price and you save $10.

And I am offering a Money Back Guarantee so you can’t possibly lose.

If you are ready to create more love in your life, this book is for you!

Believe in yourself and take the Next Step to being Happy in Love, visit www.happyinlove.com and take advantage  of the special price and get your copy of Happy in Love today!  

With Love,  

Kelley Chappell, PhD 



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