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Happy in Love Signature Workshops

 “How to Attract Your Perfect Partner”

The Focus of this workshop is on using the Law of Attraction to Attract the Man of Your Dreams. You will learn to love yourself, get really clear about the type of relationship you want and apply the Law of Attraction to finding and choosing a man who is truly a good “fit” for you!

 “How to be Happy In Love”

The Focus of this Workshop is on learning to learn to love yourself, love your life and be truly Happy in Love so that you can attract your perfect partner or transform your current relationship and maintain a positive, loving relationship. This workshop focuses on the Happy In Love Principles and this can help you transform your love life whether you are single or you are in a relationship.  

Both Workshops are Live Three Hour Interactive Events. You will have the opportunity to participate in activities, ask questions, connect to me directly and connect to other women who are also using the Happy In Love Principles.  

The date, time, location and details of upcoming events will be posted on this page!

Speaking Engagements

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