Happy In Love Group Coaching

Group Coaching is all about YOU getting your needs met!

The focus of Group Coaching is on learning to love yourself, becoming magnetically attractive, dating men who treat you with the love and respect you deserve, choosing a man who is truly a good “fit” for you or transforming your current relationship.

Group coaching provides the direction, consistent ongoing support and reinforcement that will transform how you feel about yourself and empower you to be truly Happy in Love.

The Coaching Group is limited to ONLY 6-8 participants so that you can get individual attention. 

  • During each session, I will spend about 10 minutes to describe the activity for that session then we will have an interactive session. 
  • You will have the opportunity to share your story, participate in activities, ask questions, connect to me directly and connect to other women who are also using the Happy In Love Principles.  
  • You can participate in coaching in a safe, supportive environment, right from the comfort of your own home! You can participate from anywhere as long as you have a phone. You will get a conference call number and an access code to access the session.    
  • All of the Coaching Sessions will be recorded and you will get the FREE replays of the Coaching sessions so that you can keep them and listen to them as often as you want.  
  • Each session lasts one hour. There is a morning Session and an evening session, so that you can pick the time that fits your schedule. Sessions are typically offered on Tuesday Mornings and Monday or Tuesday evenings. 
  • All Coaching sessions are led by Kelley Chappell, PhD.  
  • You will get to participate in 6 sessions over a 6 week period for only $250. That is the price of one individual session! It is a $1,500 Value! 
  • It is designed to be a life changing experience that will help you transform your life and your love life forever! That is Priceless!  

Coaching is different from therapy. Coaching focuses on the future and on making positive changes that will help you transform yourself and your love life. 

If you are ready to learn to date and attract a man who is truly right for you that treats you with the love and respect you deserve or you are ready to transform your current relationship, coaching is right for you

If you are going through a relationship trauma or having difficulty getting over something that has happened in the past, counseling or therapy might be the best option to help you heal or cope with the challenges you are facing. 

Group Coaching is my very favorite thing to do. There is a Special Magic that occurs working with a group. You and I do get to connect directly plus, you get to connect to other women. You get the chance to form positive, lasting, supportive connections with other women who are also taking charge of their own lives and moving forward in a positive way. Several of the groups I have facilitated in the past have stayed connected to each other for encouragement and support! 

If you are interested in participating in the next Group Coaching sessions, go ahead and take the Next step towards loving yourself and becoming happy in love, email Kelley for more information.